Online tool to provide fonts and css snippets for self-hosting using google fonts

Paste google fonts css url

Ex: https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Open+Sans&display=swap

Which format to pick?
Preferred font format supported by modern browsers
woff2 with hinting
Relevant for some systems under certain conditions. These fonts have a slightly bigger file size than woff2 without hinting
Same as woff2 but with worst compression although greater browser support
Quite extensive browser support, although generates a bigger file size than their peers (woff/woff2). Generally used at the OS rather than the browser level
Deprecated from most browsers
Old format only supported in Internet Explorer
Current browser User Agent
The assets are generated by parsing the original google fonts css file. This file is differs in accordance to the browser user agent. Use this option to use your current browser user agent

↓ Your local font pack is ready ↓